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Fee Arrangements

We look to establish fee arrangements that provide clients with predictability and reward us for efficiency and results.

As a team of highly experienced lawyers who have achieved great results for clients in the past, we are able to focus and be more efficient and effective than firms that place competing demands on frequently changing personnel.

We favor sharing risk with our clients and look to understand their goals in a matter, then structure a fee arrangement that is fair and recognizes the value in achieving those goals. There are many ways in which such fee arrangements can be structured. Flat fees, percentage holdbacks, milestone payments, and partial contingencies are just some of the ways to achieve a fair and predictable fee.

While we will enter into hourly billing arrangements with clients, our strong preference is to find a way to reach a professional commercial arrangement centered on value rather than time spent on a matter.

We believe that as a business, we are responsible for our own overhead. So, the extraneous expense clients often see on law firm bills – overtime meals for associates, after hours car services, incidental copying, on-line legal research, secretarial overtime, and the like – do not appear on our statements. Clients pay for the extraordinary expenses – such as travel, printing, consultants, etc. – which may be necessitated by a particular matter.