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How We Handle Cases

We believe complex litigation – at every stage – is best handled through a collaborative effort undertaken by the firm and the client.

Whether mapping out a discovery plan, developing an investigation strategy, preparing for trial, or analyzing issues for an appeal, our emphasis is on teamwork and communication. We draw on a broad range of skills within the firm, and if the matter warrants it, we will draw on expertise outside the firm from established resources.

Typically, for matters in the pre-trial or discovery stage or during the course of an investigation, teams – including the client in person or by phone – meet regularly, often weekly, to review developments and strategy. That meeting is followed by an email that sets forth the near term course of action and makes any needed adjustments to the broader strategy.

With briefs in both appellate and trial courts, we work to circulate drafts early and elicit substantive and stylistic contributions from the team.

We are intimately familiar with, and fulfill, our obligations concerning electronic discovery. But unlike many firms, we recognize that the most efficient, cost-effective way to handle much of that work is to partner with outside vendors – who can provide state-of-the-art technology and systems – rather than have our own staff, junior lawyers, or contract attorneys perform the work at a substantially higher price.

Each step of the litigation process – from the filing of a complaint or answer through trial and appeal – is planned and executed using our proprietary project management system.

All of this allows us to “play larger than our size”. Our core team is engaged where we provide the greatest value and if we, along with the client, believe that additional resources are needed, we will find the best possible people and the most cost-effective solution to fill that need rather than have lawyers performing work for which they may not be the best fit.