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A New Model

Recent economic circumstances have caused many to question how legal services are delivered. Those questions were at the forefront of our thinking when we founded the firm. Our structure and way of practicing reflect the new realities brought on by client concerns over quality, unpredictability of cost, and insensitivity to the business effects of litigation.

The value proposition we offer is simple:

First, we listen. Rather than begin by telling clients the answer, we take time to understand the problem. Then we develop a strategy all agree will be the most likely to bring about a successful result.

Second, we bring experienced judgment to every level of the representation. Our team consists exclusively of people who can contribute meaningfully from the start. We do not have a summer associate program or look to hire recent law school graduates.

Third, we are focused on the value our representation brings to clients and results. And we structure fee arrangements that reward them.

Fourth, we are committed to using technology and alternative staffing structures that allow us to draw on needed subject matter expertise on a case-by-case basis and allow us to focus on what we do best ­­­­ develop and execute on winning strategies as advocates.

We continue to look for ways to improve upon the delivery of our services and, as a growing organization, we remain open to adopting alternative approaches that make us better and benefit our clients.