A Team Approach

We recognize that the practice of law is not about a single great brief, a penetrating cross-examination, or an eloquent argument. It is about results. That is why clients come to us.

We know that great results in sophisticated matters are achievable only through teamwork – with every talented team member contributing to the best of their ability. Great teams are just that – they are groups of individuals performing different roles to achieve an end. No World Series was ever won by an organization that put nine third basemen on the field and no complex legal problem can be solved by staffing the matter with a group of lawyers who all have the same strengths. Complex legal challenges require a range of skills.

Our firm was founded on the idea that clients are best served by a firm that can provide that range of skills and, therefore, we value individuals for the unique talent they may bring to our organization. All lawyers are not created equally. One person may be great at tearing through mounds of evidence and organizing facts, another may be brilliant at research and a gifted writer, and another still may be able to distill it all and present a case to a court or a jury in a way that leaves little doubt as to the correct result. Yet, all may be passionate advocates and play a role in prevailing for a client in a given matter.

We look for individuals – for both our lawyer and professional staff positions – who appreciate the importance of teamwork and understand and embrace the differences among team members working toward a common goal.

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